Frequently Asked Questions
01. How do you ensure quality?
We have processes in place to ensure that quality is maintained every single time. These processes are derived from industry standard practices and have been fine-tuned to meet the unique requirements of remote development.
02. Why have companies outsourced projects to you?
Below are some of the top reasons why our clients have outsourced projects to BrillSol (our offshore facility).
a) To drastically reduce operating costs.
b) To share the risks involved in development.
c) To gain access to world-class software engineering skills.
d) To seek resources not available in-house.
e) To finish projects which otherwise cannot be finished in-house due to technical or staff limitations.
f) To free up non-capital resources for other in-house projects.
g) To gain a fresh and new perspective on a stalled project.
h) To localize existing software for use in other countries and markets.
If your current situation meets any of the above criteria, you should talk to us right away.
03. How do you assure confidentiality?
We sign NDAs and Confidentiality agreements with our clients.
04. How do we keep abreast of the progress of the project?
Regular Project Status Reports will be sent to you by email.  Over and above that, web meetings and teleconferences are held as and when required.  The developed code is replicated / updated to your servers at regular intervals. This way, you get to review the progress of work even on a daily basis.
Our Project Managers and Customer Relationship Managers are available to you on a 24/7 basis.
05. Are your people certified?
Our people are certified in relevant Microsoft, IBM and Sun technologies. Our all project managers are PMI certified PMPs.
06. Do you take fixed price contracts?
Yes. A fair number of our projects are fixed price contracts. This way, we insure our clients from cost escalations.
We also work on per-hour basis and also have a unique Dedicated Development Center offering.
07. What are your payment terms?
For Fixed Price Contracts:
Advance: 30%
Early-Proof of Concept: 20%
Beta Release : 30%
At Sign Off: 20%
We also agree to Milestone-based payment schedules on our Fixed Price projects.
For time-and-material projects and Dedicated Development Centers:
Fortnightly/ Monthly
What have been listed above are all typical models, actual agreements may differ based on client specifics and requirements.
08. What's the minimum size of projects you undertake?
We take all sizes of projects once we are committed to a client.
09. What are your rates?
Our rates range vary depending upon skills required, time-line, project nature etc.
10. Can you provide references?
Yes. We can provide both Work references as well as Client references.
11. Do you provide post-implementation support?
Yes, we provide 3 months' free post-implementation support for all our development. Further support is also available at a charge.
12. Can you set up an exclusive development team for us?,
If you expect a steady flow of work using consistent programming languages and operating systems, it may be ideal to have eS2Sys set up an offshore team dedicated exclusively to your company.
These contracts are generally for a period of 1 year or more.
13. Can we visit your facility?
Most welcome. Visiting our facility will provide you a first-hand experience of our place, our people and our infrastructure.
14. How do we proceed?
Very Simple, Talk to us, right away.

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